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My name is Osa Wahn and I tattoo since my twelfth year. I was already known in the international tattoo scene in the early 90s and actively participated in the largest tattoo conventions back then. My father, Waldi Wahn taught me how to tattoo. Since my earliest years, I have been allowed to practice tattooing as a fine art, that is to say without using catalog patterns and templates. Since the first tattoo, I have always worked freehand and created directly on the skin individual works of art, which I still do today. The tattoos I design are perfectly adapted to the three-dimensional body shapes, musculature and movement, so it would not be possible and not useful to make any preliminary designs on flat paper sheet. Those who get tattooed with me, I could not call as "customers" at all because it would be an insult to them. These people have nothing to do with the deplorable consumerism of today. They are not looking for budget tattoo studios near them, but for the best artists in the world, they travel far to get their artwork and provide their skin as a canvas. I am very grateful to these art collectors, because they allow me to create tattoo works of art on the highest level. I hope you enjoy watching!

Osa Wahn


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